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Game Plan for Success

This dynamic presentation outlines the game plan that brought Joe Theismann success both on and off the football field. Former NFL MVP quarterback and Super Bowl champion, he reveals his Game Plan for Success by drawing parallels between winning in football and in business. Joe Theismann focuses on how to succeed under pressure—when it's "4th and 1"—and how to adapt quickly to unexpected situations—when you're faced with a "blitz" instead of a "zone." He urges individuals and organizations to set goals and correct errors each step of the way, an approach that builds momentum, which, once on your side, would be hard for even the best "defense" to stop!

Challenge of Change

Drawing from personal experience, Joe Theismann knows how to deal with the Challenge of Change. On November 18, 1985, he was on top of his game—a two-time Pro Bowl player and the most productive quarterback in the history of the Washington Redskins. Later that evening, he found himself in a hospital bed with a compound fracture to his leg, shattering both his career and his boyhood dream. At age thirty-five, he was faced with starting over his personal life and professional career. In this stirring presentation, individuals and organizations learn how to tackle change by keeping a positive mental outlook and committing to a vision that guides you to the top.

Managing to Win!

In his charismatic and entertaining style, Joe Theismann draws parallels between his successful career as an NFL quarterback and YOU—the executive, manager, salesperson, group, or individual—with the goal of Managing to Win! He knows and understands that good management and effective leadership is not a game of follow the leader: It is about PEOPLE—listening to them... trusting them... and motivating individuals to take ownership of team goals. By example, Joe Theismann shows that an effective leader cares about and trusts subordinates and demonstrates it by empowering individuals to take risks in order to perform above levels that have become comfortable.


“Joe Theismann was nothing short of fantastic!”



“Joe Theismann was our guest speaker this year, through Washington Speakers Bureau (“WSB”). We have worked with WSB for two Years now and the have been right on with finding

us the best speaker for the event. Joe was affable, entertaining, and kept the attention of the crowd the entire night, Our clients are still raving about TEAM and what they learned. He took time to meet each and every guest and make them feel special. We could not have asked for a better speaker!”



“Joe Theismann was fantastic! Our audience absolutely loved him. His presentation is powerful and meaningful, and he tailored it to be targeted to our guests and their interests. He added a lot to our meeting both in terms of the message he delivered and also in terms of marketing it a fun and special event. We were very happy with Joe and would highly recommend him to any other organization who is considering him.”



“Simply fantastic! Joe had his ‘A’ game on for the speech. He was also very gracious and had excellent interaction with the the audience."



“Joe Theismann was awesome, very inspirational and moving. Our audience loved him and he received a standing ovation. We are grateful for his presentation.”



“Everyone LOVED Joe Theismann! It was an incredible night and we could not have asked for a better speaker.”



“Joe Theismann was an excellent choice for our group, he really resonated with our audience and socialized with the members in a very genuine way. As a professional speaker I rate him as one of our best experiences. Not only did his performance go well (and perfectly on time), he was flexible with the photograph and autograph periods too and stuck around to make certain that every member who wanted to chat had the opportunity. Absolutely wonderful experience. He was the talk of the convention and even at dinner 2 days later.”


"Joe was great to work with, and very easygoing! He also did a great job with presentation - a lot of the football stories that people wanted to hear, but also tying it in well with the restaurant industry. He generously signed all photos and footballs. We were also surprised (and excited) when he wanted to walk around our show floor. What a treat for our exhibitors! Overall, Joe was kind, professional and gave a great presentation!"


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